Submission of abstracts & presentations

Written on 10.11.2021 18:16 by Miriam Rateike

Dear all,

Thank you to the two presenters who kicked-off this semester's seminar today and to the others for engaging in a vivid discussion! To summarize the submission instructions given by Prof. Valera:

1. Presentations

After you presented in class, please upload your presentations on CMS under "My presentation" as a pdf file. Once you submitted it, please send us an email to the causethical-ml email list indicating whether you would like your presentation to be shared with your peers. In this case we will upload it in the material section on CMS and it will only visible to students accepted in this seminar. Otherwise, please indicate that you do not want the presentation to be uploaded and shared with your peers. While we highly encourage you to share your presentation, please note that your decision will not affect grading.

2. Abstracts

Please upload your abstracts in the submission section on CMS. Check out the deadlines in the schedule on our website.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you and we look forward to next week!


Your CausethicalML Team



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