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Written on 05.11.2021 13:50 by Miriam Rateike

Dear students,

Some of you have been wondering about the format of your presentation, and about the technical details you are expected to cover in your presentation from your assigned paper. Allow us to summarize below.

For your 30 min talk, you have two options: i) give general idea, assumptions, intuition and limitations ii) focus on the most interesting technical contribution and explain it, with just a bit of motivation/overview

While many of the papers are complete in the sense that most necessary background knowledge is in the paper, some may require you to know (and hence read) material from elsewhere that is not covered in the paper itself. Should this be the case, use your best judgment: your exposition of the paper should strive to explain (most of) the necessary preliminaries in order for an audience to understand and follow along, and have a concrete take-home message. Remember, you will also be writing a 1-page summary for each block covering the papers therein, your presentation may greatly aid this writing for others and vice versa :wink:. Moreover, don't worry about repeating necessary background information from an earlier talk; having these points of overlap is important for the panel discussion to go smoothly.

Finally, as a reminder, the "panel" will be held in the third lecture of each of the three blocks. Students are expected to hand in their 1-page summary of the papers in the block 2 days before the panel lecture, so on Monday. In total, you will submit 3 summaries, 1 per block, not 1 per week. You may submit via CMS (submission is open).

Please note, the exact schedule can be found

Let us know, if you have any questions. We are happy to support you!

Your CausethicalML Team

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