Update: Team Groupings

Written on 03.05.2024 11:49 by Luca Gretscher

Dear students,

we recognized that a few students submitted in groups which did not meet the requirement of having at least 3 team members. Thus, these submission unfortunately will not be graded. There were also some single member teams that did not submit.

However, as we want to give you a fair chance for submitting the next assignment, we would like to offer the following possibilities to those of you that are still looking for a team. Please choose one of the two options.

  • You can search a team by yourself. There are still open threads in the forum for that. Write an email to Luca Gretscher until Monday, 06.05.2024, 10am and state the matriculation numbers of all your team members. Please also state whether the team was already created and some students want to join or whether a new team should be created.
  • If you do not find a team but want to submit the assignments anyway, please also write an email to Luca Gretscher until Monday, 06.05.2024, 10am and state your matriculation number. We will then create new teams for those students and randomly assign you to one of them.

Please note, that still only submissions in groups of 3 to 4 students are allowed. Submissions of smaller groups will not be graded.

Kind regards,
Your BDE Team

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