AI Project Build Issue Fixes

Written on 23.11.2023 11:33 by Thorsten Klößner

Dear students,

we fixed some issues reported to us with the project build for Mac users with Apple Silicon processor and an inconvenience appearing for Windows users. Please pull the latest changes by running 'git pull --no-edit fork main', if you belong to the aforementioned groups, otherwise feel free to skip this.

In particular, the following issues were fixed:

  • Windows: Incompatibility between build script and VSCode settings. This caused a build triggered by the build button in VSCode to fail after initially building with the build script, and vice versa. After pulling the changes and removing the builds folder, both methods of building the project should now be interchangable.
  • MacOS with Apple Silicon processor (in particular the M1 series): Errors during linking due to incompatible processor architecture should no longer occur. A workaround was provided in a forum post, but is now no longer needed, everything should work out-of-the-box. If you are affected by this, remove the builds folder and re-build the project after pulling the changes.

Regards, Thorsten Klößner

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