Access to your project repository and release of the project description

Written on 17.11.2023 12:37 by Pascal Lauer

Dear students,
we will release the setup instruction for the project software after the lecture today in the Materials section. On Tuesday, there will be a short demonstration of the setup, followed by an introduction to the projects. Thorsten will show you how to work on the projects in Visual Studio Code, how to build them, how to test and debug your implementations and give an overview over the software. Please read the description before the demonstration and set up your system following the provided instructions as best as you can. ( The description is neither supposed to be a lot nor supposed to be complicated. Doing this on Monday gives you plenty of time. Enjoy your weekend. :) )


An important note is that we use the Saarland Informatics Campus (SIC) Gitlab to grant you access to the repositories. If you've never used this Gitlab before, please sign in to to activate your account. Your username is the beginning of your student email address. For example, if your name is Konrad Klug and you were assigned the email, your username is "kogl00001". Your password is the one you've set for your SIC account. If you're unsure or confused, you can visit the password reset page: A quick note: These services are quite useful. Every student, for instance, can create unlimited repositories on the aforementioned Gitlab or use Nextcloud. More information can be found here:

If you have already logged in once into the Gitlab you should have just received access to your repository. If you did not, access should be granted after a few hours of your initial sign in. This is a scheduled job running on our server. If it does not work immediately, you should stay patient. If after a day you still do not have access, please contact . For further trouble shooting there will be office hours starting next week on Thursday, ofcourse you can also always use the forum and remember to make use of Thorten's demonstration.

In case you are curious, the initial state of your project repository can be found here:


Good luck with the projects and happy dancing on the weekend. 💃🪩🕺

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