Project 3 Update

Written on 15.01.2024 14:58 by Thorsten Klößner

Dear students,

we received numerous complaints about missing accuracy reports for your models in the daily tests. This was unintentional and is now fixed. The next daily test run will happen unconditionally, whether you pushed a change or not, and will include one log per task in which the best of your models and its accuracy on the test data will be reported (even if the test is passed). For the next project, we also hope to include some error logs for failing tests which should make it easier for you to find the source of the bugs.

Furthermore, a section regarding reproducibility has been added to the project description (section 4.1). To ensure that the submitted models are indeed yours, we must be able to generate them using the provided generation script. Please make sure that once the project deadline approaches, all your models can be deterministically generated from scratch by calling this script.

Lastly, a subtle but important detail was added regarding the softmax layer that you must append to your final model. Please choose dim = -1 for the softmax layer, which chooses the last dimension as the reference dimension for softmax. This allows us to evaluate your model for both single states and batches of states.

Due to the issues and changes above, we decided to extend the deadline of the project by three additional days, i.e., until January 26th.

Regards, Thorsten

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