Project Announcements

Written on 11.12.2023 14:30 by Thorsten Klößner

Dear students,

we have three announcements to make regarding the projects.

Disabled Daily Tests in Project 1

We received numerous reports targetting three particular daily tests in project 1 in which operators with an empty precondition occur. While the relevant algorithms shown in the lecture technically work properly in presence of empty preconditions, their handling is very subtle. Because of this subtely, and especially because there are no public tests covering this edge case, we decided to disable these daily tests and convert to (secret) bonus tests instead, each worth 1 bonus point if passed (you still need to pass the public tests). The following daily tests are affected:



Deadline Extension for Project 2

Secondly, we decided to extend the deadline for project 2 from December 22nd to January 9th. This means that the deadline for project 2 will coincide with the beginning of project 3.


CMS Results for Project 0 and following

Entering the points for the projects into the CMS will unfortunately still take some time and we should be able to do so in the next couple of weeks. However, you can refer to the final daily test email you received for the project to calculate the amount of points you will be awarded yourself. To remind you, if a project task has X points and you pass Y% of all daily tests for this task, then will you obtain X * Y% points for this task, under the condition that you pass all public tests for the respective task.


Regards, Thorsten Klößner

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