Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann, Dr. Daniel Fišer, Daniel Höller, Dr. Sophia Saller


Successful participation in the course yields 9 ECTS. The course consists of oral lectures, 2*90 minutes per week, as well as exercises that will be supervised in tutorial groups (90 minutes/week). All lectures and tutorials will be held in English.

The lectures will be held Mondays 10:15--11:45 and Thursdays 16:15--17:45. The lectures will be online in zoom first (for personal health reasons of the lecturers), and might move to presence lectures in Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal later. For up to date details, refer to the "Course Calendar". The link for the zoom lectures is

The online lectures will be streamed to YouTube (link provided in zoom chat at start of lecture). For presence teaching, we will look into hybrid teaching options. But we do not give a guarantee that all lectures will be available online.

Registration for the course/exams is in HISPOS as usual (contact Evelyn Kraska in case of questions). If you have difficulties registering, or wish to change tutorials, please send an email to Daniel Höller. Note that, for changing the tutorial group, you need a switching partner. You can try to find a switching partner via the "Student Room" Forum.

Course Material. For most lectures, there will be two kinds of slides, pre-handouts and post-handouts. Pre-handouts do not contain the answers to questions asked during the lecture sessions, and do not contain the details for examples worked during the lecture sessions. The post-handouts do contain all this, and correct any bugs. The pre-handouts are made available one day before the lecture sessions on each chapter, the post-handouts are made available directly after the lecture sessions on a chapter are finished.

For the online lectures, links to the YouTube videos will be provided in CMS. Also, we will upload any whiteboard notes/drawings as PDF files.

Most of the course follows the standard AI text book by Russel and Norvig (RN). HOWEVER, several chapters do NOT follow that book one-to-one, and some do not follow it at all. The ground truth throughout the course are the results as stated in the post-handouts.

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