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Re-Exam organization

Written: 19.09.2019 10:51 Written By: Daniel Gnad

Dear students,
we have uploaded the seating plan for the second exam.
On your status page, you can see the lecture hall and seat you have been assigned to.
If you have not been assigned a seat, but think that you should (because you registered properly and were admitted), please send me an email as soon as possible. We will try to resolve the issue in case we did a mistake.

Students that do not have a seat assigned cannot take the exam.

For Monday, please make sure to be in front of the lecture hall you have been assigned to well ahead of time, say at latest at 1:45pm. The exam will start at 2pm and take 2 hours.
Some organizational points:
- Make sure you know the room and seat you have been assigned to.
- You need to bring your own paper to write on.
- It is not allowed to use any electronic devices during the exam.
- We will be very strict with the end-time of the exam, i.e., if you keep writing after we announced that the time is up, we will not grade any page that you were writing on after the announcement.
- Please use pens only, no pencils; do not use red ink.
- Don't forget to bring your student id.
- Remember that the exam inspection is on Friday, September 27, at 10am in our seminar room. We will not make any exceptions for the inspection.

We wish you all the best for the exam!
Kind regards,

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